Today we learned how to cook Cheesy Ravioli! Miss Kat began by explaining to everyone what ravioli is, but first, we had to wash our hands!  After washing our hands, we started making our cheesy filling! We each had a turn to add in our ingredients: egg, ricotta cheese, parmesan, and mozzarella! After we had added our ingredients into a bowl, we mixed everything in and our filling was done!

Then we took our ravioli wrappers and placed a small ball of filling in the middle. To close up our ravioli, we pinched the sides so our filling would stay inside!

To cook our ravioli, we gave it all to Miss Kat who boiled it in water. After cooking the ravioli, she put the noodles in a strainer and it took out all the water, leaving just our ravioli. Then Miss Kat cooked our ravioli again, but this time it was in a pan with butter! It was yummy! And in the end, we all got to take some home.


Next week in Miss Kat’s Cooking Class, we get to make something sweet!