The Admission Process at CUPS consists of the following steps:

  1. Submission of application and fees. Applications may be downloaded here or you may call our office at (808)946-4025 to request an application via mail.  A $50.00 application fee is due when you submit your child’s application
  2. Parent Tour. It is strongly recommended that you schedule a tour of our campus.  Tours are for parents only, no children, please. Most questions you may have will be answered on the tour.  Call (808) 946-4025 to schedule a tour.
  3. Child observation, assessment and evaluation. Chronological age is only one factor for admission to each program level. Developmental readiness is also considered, and all applicants are considered in terms of space availability and classroom dynamics.
  4. Priority. Following the observation and assessment priority is given to children who are:  1) Children of active members of Central Union Church, 2) siblings of currently enrolled students, and 3) children of CUPS alumni.
  5. Submission of an Original Birth Certificate & Parent Questionnaire. To complete your child’s application file, you must submit an original birth certificate and completed Parent Questionnaire.  All application files will be reviewed for completeness and scored.


  Notification and Response

Admissions decisions are determined by the Admissions Committee, composed of faculty and administration members.

First Round:  Notifications for the 3—6 program will be mailed out via the U.S. Postal service within 10 business days of the scheduled observation date. Notifications for the ‘Ohana Toddler Program will be mailed out via U.S. Postal service by the first week of April.

  • Response: Parents/guardians have 10 days in which to accept the invitation to enroll and submit the Enrollment Fee.  If no response is obtained after three attempts the invitee will be moved to the waiting pool.

Second Round:  Upon receipt of Enrollment Fees from invitees and following the 10 day reply period, a second round of acceptance may occur.  Files will be reviewed and parents are called first to see if parents are still interested.

Subsequent Admissions Rounds:  If additional openings are available at the end of March, the review and notification process will repeat.

If at any time you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information, please feel free to call us at 946-4025

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