It was an egg-citing day on Friday, March 18 at Central Union Preschool. The staff and keiki celebrated its Spring Easter Event starting off in the library with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny read stories to the keiki, hopped around, shook their bunny tail and also, talked about healthy treats like carrots, kale and beets. Afterwards, each classroom was brought into the Atherton Courtyard for the Bunny Club’s bunny exhibit where they got to meet lots of bunnies and even got a chance to pet them, including the Flemish Giant, a 16lb. rabbit. There were various games including a Rabbit Ring Toss and prizes were given away. Of course, the biggest egg-citement of it all was the Easter Egg Hunt. The keiki went hunting for colorful eggs filled with yummy candies and chocolates. What a fun day! Mahalo to the staff, PTO, and parent volunteers for putting on a successful Spring Easter Event! Have a wonderful Spring Break and Easter everyone!


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