Every November we hold our annual Fall Fitness fundraising event where the kids ask family and friends for support with donations to help complete the different exercises. Each class came in their customized t-shirt and participated in a variety of fitness stations. It included a warm up station where the kids stretched and got their legs moving by kicking the cones. Then they moved onto the obstacle course and crawled through a tunnel and jumped from hula-hoop to hula-hoop. The relay and ball games got their hearts pumping by running back and forth with soccer balls and basketballs. Following that, the kids cooled down with keiki yoga. Fall Fitness ended on a yummy note with Jamba Juice and a badge of honor, a medal that each kid received.

A BIG BIG MAHALO to our amazing PTO for putting on a fun event and to the Fall Fitness team for their hard work! Thank you to our parent volunteers and family members that also supported the kids! See you all next year!


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