CUPS held its 2nd annual Trunk or Treat in the preschool parking lot. Wait, Trunk or Treat, not Trick or Treat? Yes, with a twist on the name, parents and teachers decorated their car “trunks” and the children dressed up in their Halloween costume (which were all so cute by the way) and went from trunk to trunk to trick or treat.

 We had the pleasure of having balloon artists that blew up balloons for the trunk or treaters, which included swords, hats and also animals. Trunkers also had various activities, which ranged from tossing balls to following the yellow brick road to fishing with nemo and also an actual tour of an ambulance. But besides the activities, children also helped themselves to yummy Halloween candy of course!

Our Trunk or Treat event was such a success and we love that our children has an opportunity to go trick or treating before Halloween. Thank you to all of our volunteers – parents, teachers, staff and admin that helped put on a fun Trunk or Treat! Till next year!  

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