Any Central Union Preschool Keiki, past and present, will say that every good castle starts from the ground up. 

We envision our CUPS Keiki becoming an active part of our their Educational Village's success.  Students (past, present, and future) will be invited to visit during construction andinteract with various tradesmen; engaging during the various building stages of their village.  These stages include development, construction, and grand opening.  These new buildings are truly theirs – whether they will enjoy classroom instruction or simply visit the new CUPS campus.  The pride that this will build in the CUPS ‘Ohana is priceless.   Our 2010-11 students will feel a lasting part of our new campus and a treasured member of our CUPS ‘Ohana. 


As we begin Phase One of our campus renovation, we look to educate our CUPS keiki by involving them in our ‘Cornerstone Project’.  This project begins with the classrooms talking about the process of construction and dreaming about the possibilities for the new campus.  Children will have the opportunity to create their own architectural drawings and build structures that depict their dreams for CUP’s Educational Village.


During the week of May 16, we will also be conducting our Keiki Cornerstone Coin Drive.   CUPS Keiki are asked to gather up spare change and deposit coins for contribution towards the reconstruction of our new Educational Village.  Collection containers will be available at the auto line drop off and in each classroom.  All proceeds will  go towards building the new CUPS Educational Village.  Our keiki will enjoy this opportunity to symbolically participate in the creation of the CUPS Educational Village for generations to come and to proudly say, “I helped build the new school!”   




mhookful has shared a video with you on YouTube:

What's cooking in the new Kitchen?

Hear what Miss Kat is looking forward to with the new school kitchen, organic garden and more!